Seva Mobil Bekas – Easy Ways to Get Rid of Used Sticker Glue on a Car

Most people like to stick stickers on cars. However, not one bit does not like the patch of all sorts. In addition to damaging the beauty, sticking a sticker if it is too little can also damage the beauty of our car or vehicle.

But what if we have already stuck to a sticker and want to remove it? Although it can, it will often eliminate the balance that creates ugly car bodies. In order to get rid of all the patches, here are the ways that you can work as reported by Wikihow:

1. Make sure to peel the tape or sticker first. Some types of stickers may be peeled off. However, be careful not to tear the sticker when it is peeled off because the rest will be more difficult to clean.

2. Prepare a soft, clean cloth or old T-shirt. Make sure the cloth is easy to use and is quite large in size so that our hands do not need to come in contact with liquid gasoline directly.

3. Prepare enough gasoline. Pour the gasoline slowly onto the surface of the cloth so that it does not break through the reverse layer.

You should only need not much gasoline. The use of too little gasoline can actually damage the exterior of the car. So, use just a little.

Take care that the cloth does not get too wet because it will cause our skin to be exposed to gasoline. Gasoline contact with the skin for long periods can cause burns. So, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after handling the cloth.

You can wear gloves to protect the skin. Just don’t wear latex gloves. Hydrocarbon compounds in petroleum products can erode latex gloves, causing skin problems.

4. Wipe the cloth over the glue balance. Rub it in a circle like washing a car. Glue should start to get off the surface of the car in a short period of time.

5. Clean the glue balance from the car. Although it is not uncommon to evaporate on its own, gasoline can damage the car’s paint or protective coating if not cared for. In fact, this destruction can lead to premature corrosion. For that, mix water and soap and then clean the location. After that, use a clean cloth to dry it. Sumber :

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