What You Will Find in Bromo Ijen Tour Package

What You Will Find in Bromo Ijen Tour Package. There are three awesome things that Bromo and Ijen promise if you visit them. The first one is the most definite answer of all that is the mega impressive panoramas of our mother earth. Blue fire in Ijen, marvelous sunrise and sunset views from both mountains, the relaxing green in Bromo’s savannah and hills, the goose-bumping hiss of the hissing sands, the peaceful breeze of Madakaripura waterfall, are just a little sneak peak of the mesmerizing beauty that you can get from Bromo Ijen tour package.

Besides the impressive natural view, you can get a cultural and social value in Bromo Ijen tour package. In addition, while you are watching the blue fire shining in the dark, you can also witness the struggle of local sulphur miner that come with you in the middle of the night just to carry eight kilos sulphur they mine from Ijen’s crater. They do that in the midnight as it is way too hot to do in the day. The astonishing fact from them is that each carriage costs them no more than five dollars. By talking to them, you may get some social values from the local miners. You can get cultural value by visiting Luhur Poten temple as well. Hindu locals pray there, and in October, you can join their annual ritual.

What You Will Find in Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Well, the last things you will definitely get by Bromo Ijen tour package are the memorable experience and unique souvenirs. You can buy the Ijen sulphur as your souvenirs with the fact that sulphurs can be a medicine for some skin diseases. Other than the souvenirs, by joining the tour, you will get a bunch of photo stock for your social media account. So what are you waiting for? Get your backpack and head to the East Java. Bromo is definitely worth visiting!

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