Best Tips to Choose Flowers for Your Wedding Anniversary

Flowers are the perfect gift for many occasions. If you don’t know what flowers represent, it may be difficult to choose flowers at the right opportunity. Flowers can be given almost every opportunity. Some popular events for giving flowers are birthdays, anniversaries, restoration, thank you, holidays, dates and weddings.

Red or pink flowers represent love and passion for each other, so it’s always safe to offer them on birthdays. Just like there is a special gift for each anniversary; Likewise, there are also specific interest rates for each year. Today I will focus on wedding anniversary flowers in this post. But you will also read about interest on another occasion in my next article.

Carnation – 1 year anniversary: ​​The first anniversary is a moment of celebration. Carnations are traditional flowers used on the couple’s first wedding anniversary. These flowers represent young and passionate love. Carnations come in a variety of colors, so you can choose the best color that symbolizes your love.

Cosmos – 2nd birthday: On the second birthday, the couple forms a deep understanding of each other with a stronger single love, and that is what this beautiful flower represents. The incredible cosmos is the perfect flower for couples who celebrate their two wonderful years together.

Sunflowers – 3rd anniversary: ​​sunflowers represent a three-year marriage that is now strong, vibrant and colorful. The dense stem of the sunflower symbolizes the solid foundation of marriage. Beautiful yellow sunflower petals symbolize love and passion. Fresh sunflowers are very surprising and are a clear sign of trust that has grown between couples after being together for three years.

Geranium – 4th birthday: The colorful and bright flowers for the 4th wedding anniversary are called geraniums. Symbolizes happiness and positive emotions. The geranium arrangement is perfect for your fourth birthday when you and your partner feel comfortable with each other’s habits and understand each other better.

Daisy – 5th birthday: Bright daisies are the perfect traditional wedding anniversary gifts for a 5th wedding anniversary. This simple but beautiful flower represents the hope, loyalty, and love that couples have for each other after sharing all their 5 years of shared experience.

Calla Lily – 6th birthday: Calla Lily, an elegant flower, symbolizes all the beautiful ways in which both grew in their six years of marriage, developed a unique love and became more attractive.

Freesia – 7th anniversary: ​​The 7th anniversary flower is called freesia. This beautiful flower also has a pleasant aroma that has long been used in lotions and soaps. Freesia represents all the rewards and love you have for your romantic partner and the wonderful surprises that are in the future for you.

Lilac – 8th birthday: these beautiful flowers are perfect for your eighth wedding anniversary. White lilac symbolizes first love. So this is a good time to remind you and your wife on the day you met and to remind you of all the moments and passions that you shared during these eight years of long marriage.

Bird of paradise – 9th birthday: as you can see the name, this extraordinary flower is unique and is an extraordinary choice to celebrate nine beautiful years of marriage. This flower shows your upcoming adventure and all the emotions that are generated by your love.

Narcissus – 10th Anniversary: ​​A marvelous ten-year marriage is an important figure to celebrate and brilliant brilliant daffodils for this event.

Rose – 15th birthday: Rose is known as passion and romance and is perfect for being the flower of your 15th wedding anniversary when you get through a lot together. You and your partner deserve the luxurious interest at the time; therefore, giving your partner a red rose will show how passionate you are.

Daisies – 20th Anniversary: ​​Elegant daisies were chosen for the 20th Anniversary. This star-shaped flower is known as a symbol of love, patience, and wealth. The gentle beauty of its glowing petals also symbolizes appreciation for the wisdom you have gained together in two decades.

Iris – 25th birthday: Iris is a real flower and, after 25 years of marriage, it is a perfect example to show your partner how special it is for you to spend years together. Celebrate your beautiful 25 years with this luxurious bouquet or royal purple flowers.

Lily – 30th birthday: on your 30th birthday, you and your wife have grown and changed a lot, but your commitment to each other is always the same. A beautiful lily bouquet full of surprises. It is available in various colors and shapes. Fabulous lilies will make a bold statement that you still have a passion for your partner.

Gladiolas’ 40th birthday: This beautiful forty-year marriage has its own charm. This unique relationship must be celebrated with the most exclusive and brightest gladiolus flowers. These flowers represent the growth of your extraordinary memories and experiences that have changed your life for the last forty years together.

Yellow and purple roses – 50 years: 50 years of marriage is a unique moment in your life. It must be celebrated in the best way. As you get older, you have gained many unforgettable experiences and special ties that can never be explained. Special flowers to celebrate the 50th birthday are yellow and purple roses. Together, these two flowers are amazing, just like your partner. This is the only warning that has two different official flowers for the celebration. This elegant flower arrangement will make your party more beautiful and full of love and happiness.

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