University Without a Wall: The Best University to Complete Your Degree in a Special Way

The University without walls seems strange to some students from all over the world. Most students consider it the name of the university. But, in reality it is a program of study of an affiliated university to serve special programs for students. What exactly is a university without walls? We will reveal it.

What is a university without walls?

University Without Walls (UWW) is a prospective and intensive education program that has been designed for certain university students. It was made for a special meeting of students who wish to pursue their careers in the objectives of community champions and HIV research and those who wish to participate in HIV research. Of course, this helps students achieve academic and professional goals through study at this university. The Strategic Training Initiative in Health Research funds the operation of the University without the Wall.

Principles of work that guide students

To help students complete their research, UWW tries to facilitate by providing distance education that turns students and HIV research into practical research. These are some principles to guide the work of the students.

  • Be collaborative and open

The University strives to encourage students to find open and recognizable course content. It is also useful to be able to link and link to websites about the best content of HIV research practices. This encourages students to participate in online discussions.

  • Have students become like a teacher

To support and maintain student motivation, student comments are very useful for improving the research development process, including the content and characteristics of the course. Feedback is a motivation to observe student learning so that they can position themselves as teachers when completing their research.

Maintaining a simple language in the learning process tends to work effectively. In this university, use a very simple and simple language. Of course, it makes conversation and experience very friendly. This also activates the learning process. As a specialized university program, this course provides practical practice and opportunities to achieve the learning objectives of HIV research. Active learning tends to be fun and interesting.

  • Promote student motivation

Student motivation is very important to keep students achieving learning objectives at UWW. Part of the university tries to encourage intrinsic motivation to create the students’ own learning objectives, learning paths, and to be able to recognize the progress of learning and share their goals. Very useful to complete special programs in this university program.

Learning methods in universities without walls

Universities without the Wall are intensive programs for specialized university students. To help students follow their careers and research, provide different learning methods. You can choose what and how to learn it. Learning materials combine modules and elements in a way that matches the learning needs of students. How do they learn it? Students can use the eModules provided to be a self-individualization course to achieve goals and complete the research. Very intensive learning methods to pursue student goals.

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