Fake Martial Arts Fighter Exposed

An Afghan refugee enters the cage in Germany’s biggest mixed-martial arts series and suffers a double jaw fracture. A scandal. Because Moustafa A. was still a minor. Similar to Jay Queiroz, this is why fake martial artist are a danger for everyone.

Mann am Boden: Moustafa A. krümmt sich nach dem Kniestoß von Ysopov (l.)

Carefully Moustafa A. tapes out of the bathroom of his room at the Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin. His handshake is weak, the greeting barely, the young Afghan man hardly speaks German. A little later, Moustafa A. packs various painkillers and clothes in a bag. On his cheek are dark blue threads that hold a wound together. Remnants of an operation that surgeons had to perform with him a few days earlier.

It is scarcely a week after a spectacular cage fight that gave the young man a double jaw fracture – and curiously enough, the victory in his officially first mixed martial arts appearance. It is the end of his stay in the hospital. Moustafa A. is allowed to leave the hospital in the Marzahn-Hellersdorf district this morning, and his trainer Mohammad Talaei has traveled 580 kilometers to Berlin specifically for picking up from Siegen in North Rhine-Westphalia. It is also the day that a scandal becomes apparent because this fight with Moustafa A. could never have taken place, his facial bone should never have broken.

“Moustafa is doing well,” says Talaei, an Iranian who was out of the field in the 66 kilogram class of his protégé, “in a few weeks he will train again.” But the most important question is the age of his protégé , the friendliness gives way to the coaches face. Moustafa A., says Talaei, is seventeen and a half, now 18 years old. The age does not matter anyway, the coach joked, you could fight even with 14 years. Nevertheless, he does not want to show the ID card of his protégé, who fled from Afghanistan to Germany a year and a half ago. Instead, Talaei breaks off the conversation abruptly: “I have the feeling,” he says harshly, “that there is something in the bush here.”
Suddenly hectic breaks out

In fact, there is an alarming mood behind the scenes of the scene since December 10 and the Berlin event “We love MMA”, an event from Germany’s largest cage-fighting series. Even the youth welfare office Siegen is meanwhile interested in the events, because the young Afghan Moustafa A. was born according to the German documents only on 15 May 2000, which confirmed official places of the city against the “world”. He was just 16 years and six months old, when the organizers let him in the fight in the arena against the 23-year-old Rustam Ysopov in cage Octagon. Permits, it says in the official rules, the participation is only after the age of 18 years, already because of the health risks.

When the Afghane – gaunt figure and short black hair – in the evening of 10 December in front of more than 2000 spectators in the cage, he wears neither a head guard nor shin guards, but only a pair of boxing pants and thin leather gloves. Already in round one he receives from the opponent Rustam Ysopov blows and kicks to the head. At the beginning of lap two, a swinger hits him, then the left foot of Ysopov’s face. Moustafa A. stumbles to the ground, his opponent gives him another blow and a knee kick to the head, before the referee intervenes and breaks off the fight. Doctors hurry into the cage where Moustafa A. bends in pain. Ysopov is disqualified because of unauthorized knee kick, loses the fight.

A few minutes later, a big rush breaks out behind the scenes. When Moustafa A. shows his ID before leaving for the hospital, it becomes clear that he is still a minor. This message quickly reaches the security service of the hall. Because: “The question is whether the organizer has adhered to the duty of care to be demanded of him for the admission of the fighter,” says Professor Rainer Cherkeh, lawyer for sports law: “The higher the risk at an event, the higher the Requirements for the selection of fighters and the more carefully the participants must be tested for their suitability. ”
Bad ID checks?

Did the people in charge of “We love MMA” really check carefully whether Moustafa A. meets the requirements for participation? Did he have an identity card check before the conclusion of the combat contract or was his birth date entered incorrectly? The fact is: the doctoral exam sheet stated that Moustafa A. was born on 15 May 1998, which would have given him age of majority. This false date of birth should also be in the combat contract.

According to Cherkeh, “ID card checks to verify age are mandatory at extreme sport events such as MMA,” says Younger, “if you want to buy alcoholic drinks in the supermarket, you also need to identify yourself. It is a guarantor obligation of the organizer, the Taug

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