Creative Ways to Improve Children’s Vocabulary

Creative Ways to Improve Children’s Vocabulary

Based on information from a study, developing children’s vocabulary from an early age can make it an efficient learner. On the other hand, increasing children’s vocabulary is very urgent to develop their communication skills. Therefore, let’s help your child to enrich his vocabulary! Follow a number of creative and exciting ways below, yes.

Invite to Play “Pancasila Lima Dasar”, Come on!

To add to the child’s vocabulary, you can invite him to play something simple like “Five Principles of Pancasila” for example. Do we remember about this old school game? You can invite your child to play it regularly, both at the location of residence or when you travel outside.

The way to play is also easy. You only need to use your fingers. Selection of themes can be replaced as you wish. For example, you can ask your child to recite fauna names that start with the letter D, and so on.

Install the Word Game Application

In addition to helping to improve children’s vocabulary, this technique is also effective in reducing children’s awakening in digital games. That way, the use of devices in children can be directed to more positive affairs. As for some word game software that can be explored at home, namely Word Connect, Taboo Junior, Word Farm, and still not a little more.

Exploring the Surrounding Environment

This method is not only fun, but also makes children more familiar with the environment. First, take your child to lead to a number of locations in the home environment. Then beg him to recite the names of the objects he saw.

When doing this, your child will definitely chase objects whose names he did not know before. Well, here is the destination of this simple game. When he asks about it, your job is to introduce the name of the object while stating its function.

Diligent Storytelling for him

Storytelling turns out to be effective to increase children’s vocabulary, you know. Based on information from Catherine Snow, Ph.D., a professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, vocabulary is the key to children’s success in academic aspects. This, explained Catherine, must be sharpened since preschool age. Thus, when the child reaches school age, he already has a lot of vocabulary stock. So, let’s more often read fairy tales for your little one!

Role Play

In addition to storytelling, take your baby to play the role. This method will encourage children to assume more creative and continue to improve new vocabulary. Before starting this game, make a deal with your child about the theme of the story you want to play.

For example, invite him to star in a cartoon character or fantasy character he likes. Then arrange the story that you will play coherently. For get the maximum learning results, do this game seriously, yes. That way, your child will feel more energetic when going through this process of learning and playing.

Introducing a New Song

Introducing new songs is also effective in increasing children’s vocabulary. Through songs, children will learn a lot of things, belonging to reading, remembering, and increasing vocabulary. That is why singing and music are an important part of teaching in the preschool learning room. This has even been strengthened by the results of a 2016 study launched by the University of Southern California’s Brain and Creativity Institute. Based on these studies, empirical music in childhood can accelerate the development of a child’s mind, especially in aspects of language acquisition and reading skills.

Similarly, a number of creative ways that you can explore to increase children’s vocabulary. Come on, hone the little communication skills of the child, to the point that he would be easier to absorb the lesson!

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