Simple Ways to Check Genuine or Fake Instagram Followers

Simple Ways to Check Genuine or Fake Instagram Followers

Now not a few Instagram accounts that have the most followers. Even watching Instagram accounts with thousands or millions of followers is now not a business that is rarely visited anymore.

Usually you only see followers from singers, movie players, all the nation’s magnates, or just other familiar people who have many followers. Now, it’s not only familiar people who have so many followers.

Even now your friends can have so many followers that actually they are not familiar people who are often present in the mass media. Of course sometimes you assume whether it is true that these followers can be as many followers.

Many people now buy followers to increase their followers. Therefore, if you are curious about whether your friends’ Instagram followers are not so genuine or fake, here are some ways to check.

1. Compare the Number of Likes with the Number of Followers
The first way to check whether an Instagram account is native or fake is by matching the number of likes and the number of followers.

Usually the number of likes for a portrait that has been uploaded for more than one day is for 5% – 25% of followers of the account. The calculations can be like this, if 1000 followers, should have a photo that was uploaded the day before has 150 likes. If this business is visible, it means that the person did not buy followers.

Furthermore, if 1000 followers, but the number of likes in the newly uploaded portrait the day before was only 50 likes, it means that the person bought followers, but not so much.

Whereas if 1000 followers, but the number of likes in the new portrait uploaded the day before were 10 likes, it means that the person bought followers, you don’t need to explain anymore if this one.

But this matter also deserves further investigation, because not only followers, likes can also be purchased. Try to see even different photos that may not have been contaminated with fake likes.

2. Compare Comments with Number of Followers
The second way to check whether an Instagram account is native or fake is by matching comments and the number of followers.

Often you see, Instagram accounts that have so many followers, but in each of their posts are only a few who comment. This can also be a benchmark whether that person’s follower is genuine or fake.

Here the calculations are, in 5000 followers, often there will be a minimum of 13 comments per post, and so on.

If the Instagram followers that you see are more than 5000, but the comments don’t even reach 10, or even none, that means that the account has a fake followers.

There are also notes here. Because there are sites that offer automatic likes and comments, it is possible that the Instagram account you are seeing is already using this technique. You can see if these followers are indigenous or fake according to their comments. If the comments want to be similar, it could be fake followers.

3. Check Their Followers Account
The last way to understand whether Instagram followers are native or fake is to check all the accounts that are followers of the account you are researching.

This method is a very troublesome way, because it requires you to check one by one a lot of followers.

The way to see it is actually not difficult. Fake accounts often use the profile picture from Google and often never post anything. In addition, often fake accounts that do not have followers, but have very few following.

If the account that you see has followers with the above characteristics, it means that it can be a large account that has fake followers.

So that’s how to check native or fake intagram followers from someone’s account. Do it if you do not have work and are really unemployed, because this will drain your valuable time.

Another if you really need it for serious matters like research, maybe the tips above will not be of little use to you.

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