Still stuttering when communicating in English despite having often listened to conversations in English? Yep, mastering foreign languages, especially English is not perfect if it is not equipped with qualified talking skills.

The ability to talk does not merely come through mastering good grammar theory, memorizing good vocabulary, and reading books. It takes practice and a routine and significant process to improve the ability to speak English fluently. But, with the following three on-line platforms you only need to provide a strong web network and the courage to start a conversation. Source :

Italki offers three services, namely skilled trainers, casual tutors, and free studying. Skilled trainers bring together language learners with certified and certainly experienced tutors. This service will require you to pay a fee.

Meanwhile, a group of tutors will bring you together with tutors who don’t have certificates and teaching experience. Although both have to pay a fee, the costs incurred in this service are somewhat cheaper than a skilled trainer.

Furthermore, italki also provides language learning services for free of charge or what is called free studying. Take advantage of this service if you still want to hone the ability to speak in English without spending a penny. This service allows users to communicate free of charge with language learners in various parts of the world.

This platform can only be downloaded via an IOS or Android-based cellphone and of course free of charge. Hellotalk is an application that presents a similar social media like Facebook or Line.

So, users of this application can communicate via private messages to other users who are also native speakers of the language they want to learn. So that fellow users can correct each other’s language errors in the comments column or private chat rooms.

In addition, users can write ideas or share fun moments through pictures and captions in the Moments menu. Special again, Hellotalk comes with a voice conversion feature to text or vice versa and can be translated into the desired language.

This platform is only for you who are really serious about improving your English speaking ability. Apart from being a paid site, through this site you can also communicate directly with teachers who are of course native speakers.

Yep, Lingoda is an on-line platform for those who want to learn English, German, French and Spanish directly through audio and webcam. In addition, this site offers private and group class services. Private classes focus on certain themes, such as business classes, IELTS classes and many more.

Meanwhile, group classes consist of four to individuals who are gathered in one particular group and conduct meetings digitally according to the agreement between the participants and the tutor.

Lingoda is highly recommended for anyone who wants to start or even improve their ability to speak English in terms of pronunciation. Because only through this platform, your pronunciation will be completely corrected by the native language tutors learned. Source:

So, if you don’t have much time and money to learn English, the three online platforms above are worth a try. Hopefully the above review can help determine the choice of on-line platform that suits your needs to improve your speaking skills. Good luck!

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