Applying Nail Polish

How to Use Nail Polish

Nail art designs – Who doesn’t like using nail polish lately? The problem lies in the wrong application! I have seen so many uneven nails cracked and peeled off. We can easily prevent these things from happening if we all learn how to apply nail polish correctly! Follow this brief guide when you apply nail polish to your fingers and toes next time and I guarantee you will see an increase in your nails!

Before you start applying nail polish, you have to choose the right color. My first suggestion is to use colors that you really like and don’t follow the practical rules regarding color choices. After saying that there are several guidelines for choosing the right color that I usually follow. The first is where are you going? What is the chance? If it’s for daily coverage, neutral tones are good to use. This is perfect for weekdays and professional events. If this is a more relaxed and fun event, do whatever you like. Matching the lip color and the color you plan to wear is also a good idea. But again, it’s best to trust your instincts and go with the colors you like. My personal favorite is chrome color to give my nails a sexy glow.

What do you need

Now that you have chosen your color, let’s start applying! You will need polish, top coat, base coat, cu-tips, cotton balls and polish remover.

How to Register Nail Polish Properly

1. Remove the old nail polish trace you have. You can do this quickly using a cotton ball and rub each nail carefully. By removing the old paint you have, you can ensure that you are wearing a flat layer.

2. With hands firmly supported on the table to make sure you don’t shake, start painting your nails with the base. Start by brushing the center of your nail and then both sides. This will give a flat layer. It’s a good idea to start with your smallest fingers and feet and work with your big fingers and toes, which prevent you from leaning on newly painted nails.

3. Add nail polish to your nails by following the same procedure that you did for the base (first small nail, brushing the center of the nail followed by the side).

4. Wait until the nail polish dries. This will depend on the nail polish itself. I like to give between 20-30 minutes of last painted nails to ensure perfect dryness.

5. Add top coat by repeating the same procedure you did to paint the base coat and nail polish. The top layer will add more balance and luster to your nails.

6. After the top layer dries, clean your nails with cu-tip and nail polish remover. With cu-tip, remove the spots on your skin and around your nails. Be careful and take your time with this.

There he is! You must have perfectly painted nails that are well flat, which should prevent any scratches (depending on the quality of your top coat). For Other Information you can Read

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