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High Class Caricature by Terry LaBan

King Features Syndicate


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┬ęTerry LaBan

I began my cartooning career in the mid-80s drawing political cartoons about local issues for the late, lamented Ann Arbor News. I also did political cartoons in the early 2000s for The Chicago Journal, but the publication I worked for the longest was the alternative weekly, then bi-weekly, then monthly, publication In These Times. Begining in 1990, I drew a cartoon for every issue, except for a 6-year hiatus in the mid-90s. Unfortunately, In These Times was forced. due to financial circumstances, to discontinue my spot in early 2009, but you can see my last four years worth of work here. Political cartoonist gigs have become extremely scarce these past few years, but if you're looking for one and like my work, please contact me--I'd love to do it more.