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Fiona of the Felines

Fiona of the Felines, a comic about a girl who has been raised by cats, ran once or twice a year in Nickelodeon Magazine for more than a decade, until the magazine was finally cancelled in 2009. As the story goes, Fiona was left as an infant on the doorstep of a wealthy lady, who, unbenknownst to the foundling's mother, had just died. However, she'd left everything to her numerous cats, who adopted Fiona and brought her as one of their own. Grown into a spunky 11-year old, Fiona tried to negotiate both human and cat worlds while being truly part of neither. But though her cat sensibilites led to awkward misunderstandings, there were advantages to being able to jump a 100 feet and rapidly claw her way up the walls of buildings.

Sample Stories: