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High Class Caricature by Terry LaBan

King Features Syndicate


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An "edge city" is a community outside the boundaries of what people traditionally think of as the city and its suburb. Edge City is also a daily comic strip by Terry and Patty LaBan, about modern family life as seen through the eyes of the Ardin family. For Len and Abby Ardin, a Jewish-American couple dwelling in the far reaches of suburbia, life is very different from the one they lived growing up. There may have been a time when dads worked 40 hours a week while moms stayed home, but the Ardin family has certainly never experienced it. Between managing their careers and taking care of their kids, Len and Abby barely have time to wave to each other as they hurry off to yet another meeting, carpool, or errand. And in while their neighborhood is incredibly diverse, it seems like everyone, no matter where they're originally from, lives pretty much the same way. Good thing Len and Abby have friends, family, weekend rock and roll sessions and a wide choice of ethnic cuisine availabe for carryout to get them through the rough patches. And, most importantly, they have each other. Humor, intelligence and creative solutions to today's high stress family lifestyle--it's life on the edge every day in Edge City!
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