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Fanatagraphics Books, 1992-'94

In 1992, frustrated by lackluster sales and longing to do something a little wilder and crazier than Unsupervised Existence, I started a new comic book series with Fantagraphics called Cud. Patterned after books like Eightball and the old underground warhorse Zap, Cud featured a continuing story called "You Can't Spank the Monkey If It's On Your Back", which followed the rise and fall of a performance artist named Bob Cudd. Bob himself was lifted more-or-less wholesale from Unsupervised Existence, but he was a different character in the new series. At the time I thought of it as having a sort of ensemble cast in my head, but it caused some reader confusion. The rest of each issue featured whatever random stuff I came up with, a real grab bag out of my psyche. Several of these features went on to appear in other places at other times--"Muktuk Wolfsbreath, Hard-Boiled Shaman", for instance, became a DC miniseries. Cud was raunchy, explicit and unabashedly funny. It gained me a whole new audience and a lot of opportunities in the comics industry. It also foreclosed any hopes I will ever have of running for office.Unfortunately, none of it has ever been collected in paperback. The sample stories posted here are made available for the first time, in any form, since their original publication.