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Unsupervised Existence

Fantagraphics Books, 1989-'92

Unsupervised Existence was a semi-humorous comic book soap opera which followed the adventures of Suzy and Danny, a young, bohemian couple living in a big city which came to resemble Chicago. Suzy, an underemployed intellectual, spent a lot of time hanging around with her friends and trying to figure out what to do with her life. Danny, her boyfriend, supported them both by driving a cab, but his true vocation was poetry, which he self-published, along with the work of his fellow cabbies. The series was loosely(very loosely) based on my own life at the time, and garnered a great deal of critical praise, along with Harvey Award nominations(Best New Artist, Best New Series) the year it came out. Unsupervised Existence didn't exactly set sales records, but the fans it did have were quite devoted-- there are still people out there who have never quite forgiven me for deciding, after 7 issues, to give it up. It was, however, collected in it's entirety in two paperbacks, Love's Not a Three-Dollar Fare(the main Suzy and Danny story) and International Bob(the travels of Bob Binkum, a side-story which intersected the main one).

Sample Story: